04 Apr

Game, set, match!  From all perspectives – he lost. 

     He spent over 3 years pouring himself into these guys and at the moment of testing; where the rubber meets the road, they ran. Abandoned him to his enemies. Though some followed from a distance to see what would happen, and even then, when the pressure came and he was asked if he was with this rebel, he answers, “I don’t know the man!”  Not just once, but 3 times he denies he was even part of this guy’s group of disciples. 

     What about all the other people. He was popular at one point. He drew crowds. People would travel miles just to see him do miracles and hear him talk about God. Less than a week ago they were shouting his praises and singing, “Hosannah in the highest”.  But now they were calling for his blood. How quickly the tides turned on him. His enemies had gotten the upper hand. He didn’t even get his day in court. It was a mockery of justice. They railroaded him and condemned an innocent man. 

     Even after they knew they had him beat, they wouldn’t let up. They stripped him of the only things he had left in this world- his clothes. They marched him out in naked shame before the crowds, his enemies and his Mom. While he was dying on the cross with his mother and a few women followers (and only one disciple of the many who claimed allegiance to him) standing nearby, they taunted him and mocked him some more. And the very God he claimed to represent, they said had abandoned him. “Let’s see a miracle now preacher”, they mocked. “Here’s your chance to prove you represent God. Come down off the cross and we will believe you.”  But that didn’t happen. There was no rescue plan, no cavalry coming in at the last minute to save the day. No, he was done and the 3 years of public ministry down the tubes-gone. 

     But Sunday is coming. How could they miss it?  He told them. But it was still so unbelievable that it never sank in. What a surprise it must have been when they saw him for the first time- alive and well.

      Even though they were told how this part of the story would turn out, they still just couldn’t grasp God’s ways. We too who know how the story will turn out; we too, sometimes just don’t grasp God’s ways. God will have His victory and He will triumph in the end and reclaim His throne over this fallen world and rule in righteousness again. Even death itself will be completely defeated for the child of God. Let’s us not lose heart in the battle here on this earthly realm. Even if it should appear that we have lost all. We can lose all our possessions, have our families turn their backs on us, even lose our good health and have our enemies say, “see God is not on your side. Because He afflicted you with disease.” Even if all these things should befall us and, in the end, death comes calling: we are told ahead of time how our story ends for those who trust Christ, who trust in the living God. Victory has been guaranteed. Jesus’ story is our story too.

      We have been crucified with Christ, yes. But remember we also have been raised with Him as well. No matter what may happen to us here in this life – Sunday is coming! 

1 Timothy 6:12  (KJV)-  Fight the good fight of faith, lay hold on eternal life   

Happy Resurrection Day, 


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